Friday, February 25, 2011

The Boudoir Experience & Couple's Sessions 2011

If you're looking for a truly "UNFORGETTABLE" gift, The Boudoir Experience is a fabulous idea! Couple Sessions are also available, simply add $50 for your 2nd person to make it a Couple's Session. Gift Certificates are available!

Teaser Session: 1-2 outfits, 30 minutes, 15 finished images, 100% edited and air brushed, 2 - 5x7 backed gift prints $125

"Little Black Book" Session: 3 outfits, 60 minutes, 20 images in a deluxe hardback book, 100% edited and air brushed, $395

Brag Session: unlimited outfits, 90 minutes, 40 images, 5x7 Brag Book with all images, copyright release with all photos on cd to use as you wish, 100% edited and air brushed $725

Q. What do I wear?
A. lingerie, bra/panty sets, "his" shirt, heels/boots, trench coat, your favorite pair of jeans, "his" tie, sporting interests (UK jersey, etc), think about your sweeties interests (aka, hunting gear, nascar gear, motorcycle gear, fireman, policeman, just use your imagination!!)

Q. I want to do this, but I don't want anyone else to know?
A. Your privacy is my top priority. During my boudoir/couple sessions, the front door to the studio is locked and it is just me and you in the building. I will handle all the editing and uploading myself so its only my eyes seeing your pictures. You will receive a password protected slideshow that you can show or keep to yourself.

Q. What are the limitations to a Boudoir Session?
A. Each session is unique. We only do what you are comfortable with. Its your session! Some may choose to go topless or nude, but my photography style will remain classy at all levels.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who is YOUR photographer?

Photographing people is very personal for me. I'm not just there to take a picture, I'm there to capture the art and beauty of your life. I'm there to capture the fleeting magic of childhood. I'm there to capture the passion of new love. My job is so much more than firing off a photo, I strive to connect with every single client. I want to know what is important to you and I want you to feel relaxed and REAL.

Being that I am so driven to know you, I thought it only fair you know a little bit about me as well.

FULL NAME: Chrissy Lynn Perkins
AGE: thirty-something ;)
HOMETOWN: Born & raised in Morehead, KY (RCSHS class of '97, MSU class of 2002)
FAMILY: Nick and I are happily raising our son Mason (five) along with a bundle of pets. We've never married, one day maybe, but we're sickeningly happy nonetheless.

INSTRUMENTS: Piano & cello.
HOBBIES: Kayaking, hiking, camping, travel, drawing, painting, writing, cooking, dreaming.

PETS: Brownie (Irish Wolfhound), Sassy (Great Dane), Ruffina (Pekingese), Chexter Bo (yellow cat), 5 goldfish and roughly 20 ants.

Before a photo session, I ask a bunch of personality/style questions. Now its time to turn the table and answer some of my own questions:

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR PERSONALITY: I love life. I love the up's and the down's. I am very passionate about the things I do. I believe if I am going to devote precious time of my life doing something, I better be giving it all I've got. I love people. I see art in everything. I love to laugh and do so loudly. I am VERY laid back.

WHAT IS YOUR PERSONAL STYLE: I am VERY simple. I like solid colors. I love the "classics". I love dresses. I own one pair of earrings and one necklace and one ring and one watch. I hate ruffles. I hate pink.

WHAT IS YOUR HOME STYLE: I designed the floor plan of our house, designed the kitchen and baths and every detail in between. My home is very modern, comfortable, masculine, colorful, and designed with entertaining in mind.

Ok, here are some questions I get on a regular basis from my clients.


DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL FOR PHOTOGRAPHY: No. My degree is in Advertising and Public Relations. I am a self taught graphic designer. I am a self taught videographer. I was a bath and kitchen designer in my former life. I've always been artistic since I could hold a crayon. Drawing, painting, etc eventually lead me to photography and I knew instantly that everything I had done my whole life was leading up to becoming a photographer. This is my calling.

DO YOU HAVE TONS OF PHOTOS OF YOUR LITTLE BOY: No. It is true that what you do with your day doesn't follow you home. Mason is my hardest subject in the world.

DO YOU LOVE BEING A PHOTOGRAPHER: Yes, I believe it is the single best job in the world. I get to make people smile every single day. I see pictures everywhere I go. I never stop thinking about photography. I'm always learning, always growing, and always looking for new ways to express myself creatively. Being a photographer is the core of my soul. I've always looked for the beauty in life/people and in photography I get an instant to show others what I see.

WHAT ARE YOUR WEAKNESSES: I have too many big ideas and too little time to finish them. Cake. Having patience with inpatient people. Be tolerant of judgmental folks. Ice cream. Italy. The Ocean. Cuddling.

WHAT ARE YOUR (career) GOALS? I want to shoot a wedding in Italy. I want to travel more. I want to constantly challenge myself to grow as an artist. I want to teach a class, have my work published, and write a book.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Class of 2011: Model Search

CPP is currently accepting applications from all high schools for our 2011 Senior Model Search. If chosen you will receive a truly unique and extraordinary art photo session. We might shoot in a field, under a waterfall, walking downtown, playing in the water or who knows what.

I'm looking for people who are daring, creative, or just simply willing to try anything. My goal is to create truly amazing images that will showcase the up and coming artistic style of Chrissy Perkins Photography. Interested?

Here are the requirements:

-Must be a Junior, planning to graduate in 2011.
-Must be daring, silly, fun, & full of life.
-Must be willing to allow CPP usage of all images.
-Can be from ANY high school as long as you're willing to travel to me.

Now What?

Send me an email at with the following info:

Photo of yourself
High school
...and WHY you'd be perfect for this kind of session?

If chosen, you will have an interview with Chrissy and will be assigned an art session (trust me, it'll be incredible fun and one of a kind). You will receive a 5X7 brag book with all your final edited images, along with the 5 free digital images (a $395 value).

The deadline for applications is April 4th.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Breast Cancer Documentary

I am making a video documentary about breast cancer and its effects on a local scale in hopes to shed light on early detection. I am calling out to anyone who can help me with this project. Here is what I need:

1) Anyone diagnosed with breast cancer and is willing to share their story with me on video. I'll also be doing a photo portrait of each person (for the video).

2)Contacts: I need people who know about breast cancer, who know facts & figures about how many cases in Morehead/Rowan/etc., who are willing to talk about early detection, etc.

If you know of someone I should talk to, please contact me.
Thank you for your help with this project!

Chrissy Perkins Photography

Let me tell you a little more about myself.

My cousin died last month after a two year battle with cancer (started as colon cancer) and she was a humanitarian who helped many people in her lifetime. I have been inspired by my cousin and I want to do something to help. I want to to put faces and personal stories together with the facts and numbers. I want to help other women find it sooner. I want to inform people about breast cancer. This isn't some big budget film, it is just a record of people's life and stories in dealing with breast cancer and how early detection can help save the lives of other women.

My background is in graphic design, videography, and I currently have a photography studio here in Morehead. I want to use these gifts to create a video that will educate the community, honor the survivors, and push the urgency of early detection. If you think this is something you'd be interested in doing, please let me know. I want to interview people in their "own space". Somewhere you are comfortable, somewhere that is personal to you (i.e., desk at work, home, etc). Basically, I will want to hear your story with breast cancer and how early detection helps. I'd also like to do a quick portrait in my studio to compliment the documentary in which you'll receive a free 5x7 print for participating.

Feel free to forward this information to anyone who might be interested. Please pass along any ideas you may have this project as well :)
You may reach me at the studio 606-784-2626 or my cell 606-462-0585 if you want to talk about the project or schedule a time for your interview.

Monday, February 1, 2010

First Annual Grandparents' Week 2010

I only have two grandparents left: Fyrl and Clayton. If you know them, you know that Mammaw (Fyrl) is a fabulous cook, incredibly book smart, and has a fabulous green thumb. However, the things I love most about Mammaw is how she randomly recites poetry and how she loves rocks as much as I do. If you know my papaw, you know he has a garden as big as Texas and shares that produce with most of the community, you probably also know he's got a dirty joke for every occasion. But what I love most about Papaw is his stories. He has had an exciting life, helped shape Rowan County, and has a heart of gold.

But what you don't know about my grandparents is that they REFUSE to have their picture made. Whether its Christmas, birthdays, or Thanksgiving, they shun the camera. I can understand them not wanting to preserve their wrinkles in a photograph, but I love and adore those wrinkles and one day will miss every single one. So, in honor of my onery grandparents, I'm holding the First Annual Grandparents' Week!

Push, Pull, or kidnap your grandparents, parents (or anyone you love over the age of 55) and bring them in for a quick and painless portrait. Its free, no session fee required and packages start as low as $30. Individual prints are only $10 each.

WHEN: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 12-5 PM (Feb. 3,4,5)

WHAT: Free portrait session to anyone over 55 years young (15 mins); packages start $30

WHERE: Chrissy Perkins Photography Studio (located next to Gym Dandy Gymnastics and Morehead Electric on highway 32 in Morehead, KY)


A. If the only way to get them there is by surprise attack, bring it on, walk-ins are welcome! However, 15 minute appointments are available throughout the day.

A. If you want to take advantage of the very reduced package rates, you will need to place your order that day, otherwise you'll have to choose from our regular rates. Packages start at $30, individual prints $10.

A. Just a quick and easy portrait of your loved one. It won't take but a few minutes and you'll be on your way. All photos are touched up and wrinkles are optional :)

A. Whatever they're comfortable in. The photo will be a waist up head shot that will hopefully capture the essence of your loved one. If you're like me, you want to remember them the way they are, not all gussied up.

A. Certainly, but I still want the emphasis to be on the grandparent(s). If you want to add anyone else to the photo, it is $5 per person.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

FACEBOOK CONTEST (Valentines edition)

new FACEBOOK CONTEST: In honor of Valentines Day, I am starting a new contest. The subject is "love" so I want to see pictures taken by YOU that depict "love". I'm looking for real emotion. Chrissy's favorite will win a $100 gift certificate and their photo printed and mounted on a 8x10 standout. The crowd favrorite will also receive $100 gift certificate to CPP. 2nd and 3rd places will win free portrait sessions (valued at $49).

TO ENTER: send me a message, attach your photo, give your image a title/name, and confirm that you were the person who took the photo. Entry deadline is January 25th. All photos will be placed in a Facebook folder for everyone to vote on. Voting deadline will be February 13th. Winners announced on February 14th!

RULES: No pro or semi-pro photographers. Only one photo per person. Only one vote per person.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cookies with Santa 2009


1st annual Science Club Fundraiser

When: DECEMBER 2, 2009


Cost:$7.00 per ticket
Science Club member or contact Melissa Jenkins at HS for ticket information.
$10.00 at the door for admission.

Enjoy the following events (all included with admission ticket)
1. Decorate your own personal sugar cookie
2. Make your own ornament
3. Enjoy Story telling by Great Grandma Jones with a
cup of hot chocolate
4. Have your picture made with Santa by
Chrissy Perkins Photography

Chrissy Perkins Photography is giving every child a FREE 4 x 6, but packages and additional prints are available for extra charge.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


There is a movement happening within the photography world. It is called HELP-PORTRAIT and they've inspired me. I will be joining the legions of photographers around the world to give back on 12-12-09. Here is how it works.

1. You find someone needy.

2. You give them a reason to smile by doing a free portrait.

The concept is simple, use your talents, skills, or know how to help others. Give back.

I am looking for people who are in need. It can be anyone. Someone who is down on their luck, someone who has forgotten how beautiful they are, someone sick, someone poor, someone hurt, someone sad, someone with a broken heart, someone starting over, someone unemployed, someone lonely, someone old, someone needy of a smile. If you know someone or a group of people who need a me immediately. I will come to you if I need to. I'm planning on filling this day as full as possible, so call now to reserve or nominated someone.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween "Pic & Treat" 2009

CPP will be hosting a very discounted picture day on Halloween for all those scary ghosts and goblins
WHEN: October 31st, 1-5 PM
WHAT: Pictures starting at $5 and treats galore!
WHERE: CPP studio located at 4950 Flemingsburg Rd in Morehead.

Packages will be available.

Package One $15 (one pose)
8 wallets

Package Two $25 (one pose)
8 wallets

Package Three $125 (one pose)
8 wallets
10x20 Deluxe Stand Out (regularly $119)

Package Four $50 (two poses: close up & full body)
16 wallets

Package Five $185 (two poses: close up & full body)
16 wallets
20x20 Deluxe Stand Out (regularly $149)

A La Carte Pricing:
4x6 $5
5x7 $5
8x10 $10
8 wallets $10
11x14 $40

10x20 Deluxe Standout $119
20x20 Deluxe Standout $149

Travel Sessions by CPP

After many requests, Chrissy Perkins Photography is now offering TRAVEL SESSIONS anywhere in the country (or beyond?). Travel Sessions are available January - August.

For Groups
In order to book your personal CPP Travel Session, you must have at least 5 or more people. Session fee is $99 each and a minimum purchase of $300 must be pre-paid (per person) in order to reserve your travel session. (no travel fees)

For Individuals
Session fee $249, minimum purchase of $500 and travel expenses must be pre-paid in order to reserve your travel session.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

"Couch in a Field" Mini Sessions

Due to all the excitement and requests for the new "Couch in a Field" sessions, I've decided to offer a full day of mini sessions at a reduced price. At this time of year there aren't enough sunny days remaining to fit everyone in so hopefully this way we can get everyone in that wants to do it!

WHEN: September 26th Saturday

WHAT: "Couch in a field" mini sessions. Various furniture will be placed in a field for a unique portrait opportunity. Each session will last 30 minutes.

WHERE: A classic beautiful field located in Morehead, KY.

HOW: To sign up, you need to pre-pay your session fee of $25 and pick a time slot. The available times are listed below. CALL 784-2626 NOW to book your spot!!!

WHO: Families, seniors, children, couples, etc (anyone who is up for some fun in the sun)

3:30 PM
4:00 PM
4:30 PM

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Products for 2010 SENIORS

Chrissy Perkins Photography would like to congratulate all the new up and coming Seniors from the class of 2010! It is always very exciting to see a new class turn over as I grow very fond of my seniors and I look forward to the fun and creativity that each session offers.

This year I have several new products to offer the Class of 2010 that has never before been available to this area. With a graphic design background, I can custom create various products to make your senior session truly "one of a kind". Some of these products are:

-Ultra Cool Wide Wallets: Custom designed double sided wallets printed on pearl paper. Your name and the year along with 3-5 pictures will be designed to reflect your style and personality. This is the ultimate handout for friends and family. Be remembered with style!

-Custom Graduation Invitations: This is offered in two styles (single sided photo paper and double sided pearl paper). Custom designed with your senior pictures to make a bold statement. Envelopes are included. 4x6, 5x5, 5x7 and trifold styles available! Starting at $39

-Custom Senior Wall Standouts: You pick out 1-9 of your favorite senior pictures and we'll custom design a 20x20 Wall Standout with your name and the year. No frame required. Actually stands out from the wall 3/4". $149

-The Senior Panorama Frame: A 5 x 30 print with up to 6 of your favorite photos will be framed in a thick ,modern black frame. A great choice for your wall! $149


It is that time of year again and Chrissy Perkins Photography wants to to celebrate the new school year with you! CPP works with seniors from eastern and central Kentucky as well as West Virginia (travel fees apply).

CPP is currently having a BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL:

50% OFF SENIOR SESSION FEES during the month of August

Studio or Outdoor Session (regularly $69) NOW $35
Studio AND Outdoor Sessions (regularly $99) NOW $49

This offer is valid for Senior Sessions during August only. There are very limited spots available! Call 606-784-2626 to book your session now!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Seeking models for Boudoir Sessions

Chrissy Perkins Photography is accepting applications for free Buodoir (classy, but sexy photos) Sessions. I am looking to build my portfolio of Buodoir samples in which to use on Facebook, Myspace, my blog, and

For samples of quality Buodoir pictures, please visit this photographer's website:

If you are willing to sign a waiver that your photos can be used online and in other promotional marketing, please consider applying for a free session if you meet the following criteria:

-21 years or older
-Very comfortable with your body.
-Can bring at least 3 sets of nice lingerie
-Willing to allow me rights to use your photos as promotional material.

To apply, please send your application to:

Describe your personal style:
Please attach: close up photo & full length photo
Are you willing to sign a waiver to allow your photos to be used as promotional material?